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5 Good habits that can really change your life


Did you know that drinking water has been shown to help with weight loss and fat loss? Many studies show that drinking more water may help with weight loss and maintaining that weight loss.

Drinking more water has been shown to increase the total amount of calories that you may burn, which is known as resting energy expenditure. In adults, drinking cold water has been shown to increase resting energy expenditure by 24% - 30% within 10 minutes of drinking water. Drink more water, burn more calories and lose more fat!


A lot of times when we think about tracking our calories, it seems like something we don't want to do or it seems like something that's just too much work. It's the one step that we don't want to take that will help us transform our bodies into being healthier, leaner and more fit. Tracking your calories is the ultimate form of accountability, and it makes us really realize what were putting in our mouth through out the day. Once we realize how many calories we're actually taking in then it will become easier to get to get to our goal body weight. If were at our goal body weight then we will feel our best and live a better quality of life by making this simple step.


Set aside time in your week to meal prep. This right here is going to make a huge difference if you do this. It might take 1 hour or 2 hours max to prep your food for a couple of days. This way you have a plan and you know exactly what you will be eating. Sticking to the plan is how we see results in anything that we do. Think about in life when we want to get something done. You first set up a plan, then you attack the plan and thats how we see results and reach success when it comes to anything we do. Success in this case is being at your goal bodyweight and looking your best. Muscle gain or fat loss, you deserve to look and feel your best. Take that extra step.


Some of us enjoy cardio and some of us don't. If you're like me then well, you don't enjoy it much. If your goal is weigh loss or fat loss, and you're eating a good clean diet with the right foods, then your goal for cardio is 3x per week as a minimum. If your goal is to gain muscle your goal for cardio is still 3x per week as a minimum, for cardiovascular health. Get outside for your cardio and schedule some hikes, bike rides, tennis, or basketball. Another option to make cardio exciting and challenging is HIIT training. HIIT training is a very effective way of doing your cardio, and you can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.


Do you you ever find yourself glued to your tablet or smartphone just scrolling endlessly as time just slips away? Guess what? Research has shown that 61% or people admit that they are addicted to the internet and digital screens.

Believe it or not, after a while it can start to take a toll on your quality of life and overload your senses which is obviously not good. Too much time scrolling through social media apps, with filters and a lot of false displays of happiness, not always showing the reality, can cause a lot of damage. All that time online can cause:

  • Self-image problems

  • Low self-esteem

  • Sleep problems

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

These are just to name a few reasons why we should all be aware of the time we spend in front of a screen.

Experts have also found that heavy smartphone use can cause changes in your brain. Every scroll or swipe sends a hit of dopamine to the same areas of your brain that respond to addictive and dangerous drugs like cocaine. So get off your phone and free up your head space ! You might be surprised on how much of a difference it will make.

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