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5 Tips for a summer body


Get yourself a notebook and write down your fitness goals. Try to be specific on what your fitness goals are. Review this notebook frequently and remind yourself of the necessary daily steps that it's going to take to get there. What specific habits do you need to work on daily to reach these fitness goals? For long term permanent change, don't start too big right at the beginning. Small gradual changes will always work best for long term results. Remember to be realistic with yourself when creating your goals and make sure the goals are measurable and attainable. One small habit at a time will all eventually add up and lead to BIG changes. Remember if you make a few mistakes here and there not to give up and throw in the towel. Learn from your mistakes and keep at it. Celebrate your daily wins, even if they're small ones like replacing a glass of sugary juice with a glass of water!


Start practicing portion control. This one is pretty simple if you're not ready to start tracking your calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats. Thats a lot to begin with and it can be overwhelming in the beginning, and thats ok. Start with your eyes and its more simple than you might think. The most important thing to remember is the word "START" ! If you don't get started then nothing will happen. Its not about being perfect its about getting started and making small changes. Try to aim for a palm size portion of lean protein like chicken, fish, or turkey every time you eat. For carbohydrates just stick with one fist size of good carbohydrates like wheat pasta, brown rice, or potatoes. Vegetables are very high in fiber and many different micronutrients depending on what vegetables you're using so these are hard to overdue it on and you can fill your plate up ! When it comes to fats, you have to be a little more careful because these are a little higher in calories per gram, so the portion size will get a little smaller with these. Try using 1-2 thumb sizes for fats. Work on this daily habit and choose form the right food groups and watch the changes start to happen.


Increase your daily energy expenditure. Try to increase the amount of total steps you take. The more steps you take will help you increase the amount of daily calories that you burn. Park further away from the grocery store if possible. Get outside and take your dogs for a walk more frequently. Plan a hike or get together with some friends for soccer, or basketball at the park. Try to fill your schedule up with activities that will help you increase your activity level. At first it might be a little bit of a challenge if you're not used to it, but hang in there. Think about how good you're going to feel when you start losing some inches off that waistline, looking and feeling your best. That's what this is all about right? Look good, feel good and live long. Smile and enjoy life, by practicing the right habits. Get creative and think about some activities that you can incorporate into your life to get active.


This one is very basic and simple. Hydrate more often. Studies have shown the there is a direct connection between

drinking water and weight loss. Research has been done on two groups and the group that consumed more water, lost more weight, and consumed less calories. Drinking 8-10 ounces of water just before consuming your food will help you consume less calories and help you feel fuller faster !


Strength training helps to build lean muscle mass. Increasing lean muscle mass helps to

increase your metabolic rate. More calories burned every day, which in turn will help with weight loss and fat loss. Follow a consistent exercise routine and aim for 3 times per week as a minimum to get the benefits of strength training. 5-6 Days per week is ideal to really start increasing lean muscle mass. Some people avoid weight training while attempting to lose weight in fear of becoming "bulky" but this is not true! The only thing thats going to happen from strength training is burning more calories and losing inches off of the waist. Make sure you include this very important component into your workout plan when it comes to getting your summer body!

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