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How to lose weight PERMANENTLY!

A lot of people are able to lose weight. A lot of people are also able to lose weight fast. The question is, how do we lose weight and keep it off for the rest of our life? It is very common for someone to lose weight with a diet or a workout plan, then eventually gain the weight back after a certain amount of time. After a while the dieting process starts again and the weight can be lost again and it becomes a vicious cycle of weight loss and weight gain, leaving you nothing but frustrated and discouraged.

A new diet plan, a new program, a new diet pill, a new cardio plan, a new goal, and a new attempt. Over time this leads to more frustration and can make you feel like quitting or giving up. The good news is, it doesn't have to be this way! Its all about your approach. So the next question is how do we get to our fitness goals and become healthier in a way that we can maintain these habits for the rest of our life. Long term and permanent weight loss is the goal. We do this by starting small and starting SLOWLY. There is such a thing as starting too big or starting too aggressively. This is a guaranteed way to crash hard.

Start by taking baby steps. For example , if you only eat one large meal per day, then you can start by trying to eat two times per day instead of one big meal per day. Once you adapt to that then you can start doing two meals and one protein shake per day. Give yourself all the time you need to adapt to these changes and be patient with yourself.

If you're used to eating dessert every night, then start with swapping out your dessert for another sweet option like fresh fruit on just one night of the week. Or try plain non fat greek yogurt with fresh fruit and some protein powder for flavor. Don't attempt to cut the dessert out completely right away. The body and the mind won't respond well to shock. We have to make this transition into a healthy lifestyle as smooth as possible if you want permanent weight loss. You want to start eating for your goals then try to weigh out some of your food maybe for one meal that you eat. Once you get used to that then try to do two of your meals over the next few weeks then over time, you will be able to weigh out all of your food like a champ.

REMEMBER, start doing something today to become healthier today. Start small with your habits, make it realistic and think about LONG TERM permanent changes. Extreme dieting is not sustainable. We all want to have immediate results of course, but if we cannot sustain it then what is the purpose. Take the right approach and work on changing your daily habits instead of focusing on rushing to the finish line. Slow and steady wins the race every time! TRUST THE PROCESS, and believe in yourself.

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