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In general, our motivations fluctuations throughout the days. On somedays, we’re killing it with our workouts and eating clean. On other days, we’re lacking the motivation to workout, but maintain your healthy eating habits. On other days, we just want to eat junk food and lay in bed all day.

As a beginner, it is important to figure out what your goals are. It may be difficult to do so, but that is ok! Great things do not happen overnight. The best way to do this is by journaling what you want to see change whether it’s physically or mentally. Once you figure out what you want your goals to be, you’re one step closer.

If you’re planning to start your fitness journey, there never seems to be the “right time”. We always say, “Let’s start Monday or next month.” Just start now! It does not have to be in full force. Just start with the little steps.

I’ll give you ONE my secret tips on how I stay motivated.


Studies have shown that when we wake up 45 minutes earlier than our usual time, it gives us a chance to eat a healthy meal before we start our day. For me, this means my oats, egg whites and my cup of black coffee. Starting off your day by sleeping in and feeling rushed to get out of the door is stressful – and the biggest demotivator.

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