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Three Keys to Successful Dieting

At some point many of us have attempted to start a healthy lifestyle change. I'm sure that change included making some changes to your eating habits. Usually changing the eating habits is the hardest part when it comes to fitness. We can workout and do cardio but for some reason when it comes to changing your eating habits, it seems to be one of the more difficult components of getting healthy.

This will help you out a bit. I've come up with three very important keys to help you to be successful when it comes to dieting!


We all know by now that in order to keep your body in a fat burning mode and keep your metabolism sped up we should be eating every 2-3 hours. That comes out to anywhere from 5-6 meal per day and over the course of a month thats over 150 decisions you have to make. If we prepare in advance then we have already made a decision. If we aren't prepared then we are prepared to fail. We must plan ahead and have our food options ready to go. Thats why its important to meal prep. No guess work when it comes to your food and eating.


This sounds odd, but if you're always eating chicken or steak at every meal, its a lot of chewing and that can add up and be consuming after a while. You might not be a huge fan of fish, but keep in mind its easier to eat for multiple meals and kind of falls apart in your mouth making it easier to eat and swallow. When I'm at work in-between clients I have limited time so this is a great option for me.


Some times we don't realize how much calories and sugars can add to our diet form some of these sauces. There are so many options for sauces and toppings when it comes to making healthy food taste good and flavorful. Experiment with different low calories sauces and toppings to see what ones you like best. The goal is to get fit and healthy and remain that way for the rest of your life. Long term health and fitness is the goal. Find something that works.

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