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What is the best exercise for BELLY FAT?

The answer is..... the hard truth is THERE IS NO SUCH THING!!! ! A good regimen of cardio, clean diet like Quik Food or Quik Fitt meals, along with protein shakes, and cardio! Some self discipline, and a little sacrifice here and there. Its actually quite basic! Theres no secret exercises or tricks... you cant trick the body from doing hard work and no cardio. You have to meal prep, workout consistently, and strength train. You have to have the desire..the will power...the want. You have to want it bad enough or it just wont work.

Pills, sweat bands, fat burners, steroids, appetite suppressants, is not the answer and I promise you. Even extra cardio isn't the answer because you cant out run a bad diet. Its a combination of Diet, cardio, weight training, and self discipline. Please never get confused or fooled by other information. It might seem tempting but the truth is theres nothing worth having in life that comes that easy.

-Jeremy Scott

NASM CPT, Master trainer and certified NASM Weight Loss Specialist.

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