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21 Day Arm Blast

21 Day Arm Blast

What's included?


21 day progressive workout plan focusing on the arms.


During these 21 days we will be focused on the development of the arms, even though we will still hit all muscle groups over the next 21 days so you can have a balanced physique.


I will show you nothing the the absolute BEST selection of exercises for the biceps and triceps.


I will teach you how to workout correctly with the right rep range to maximize youre results.


I have also put together an eating plan to teach you the correct habits  over the next 21 days to get the best possible results.


Over the next 21 days you are going to learn the right habits that are going to put you in the right direction to really start making some changes to your lifestyle and physique. 


After the 21 days the goal is to keep and maintain the same habits to really make long term permanent changes to you life and your physique.


After purchasing you will receive an email from QUIK FITT with instructions on downloading the app and setting up your profile inside the app where you can access your eating plan and workouts.


Once you download the app and set up your profile, your 21 Day arm blast program will be loaded into your workout calendar on the app with your meal plan as well.

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