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Born Tough shorts are in!

I've been waiting and I have finally received my Born Tough shorts! I want to say thank you to Born Tough and Elite Sports for sending me these to try out. I just finished working out in them and let me tell you, they're like no other shorts I've worked out in. They are very comfy and flexible and I love that I can keep my cell phone inside where it is safe and secure. Most workout shorts my cell phone is always dropping and falling out but these were great! No issue with that at all when I worked out in these. I highly recommend these. If you want some comfortable, flexible shorts to work out in, then look no further. The under layer gives so much support. They fit true to size and I'm definitely going to be using these a lot more. Just click the link below if you would like to order some workout clothes from this company. You can thank me later.

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