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Mental health is something that many people don’t talk about, but it’s important to bring up in conversations. While physical health is something we're more aware of, mental health should be just as important. Sometimes we neglect our mental health because life can feel very overwhelming. Having good mental health means that we have the ability to manage different ranges of emotions whether they be positive or negative emotions. One way we can work on our mental health is through exercise whether it be running, strength training and even yoga. Giving yourself at least 30 minutes to get out and be active can change how your entire day goes. I recommend getting out of your comfort zone and try exercises or sports that have always interested you. Find something that you enjoy doing. Remember, you are doing this for yourself and no one else. For me, yoga has been something I’ve incorporated to my daily routine. By starting off the morning with stretching and saying aloud different positive affirmations, I am able to put myself in a positive mindset for the day. I am not saying it’s easy to do because life can be rough, but we just have to think about how lucky we are to have bodies that allow us to do so much.

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